July 20 Board Meeting

Highmore-Harrold School District #34-2

School Board Meeting Agenda July 20, 2016

I.                   Call to Order (7:00 pm)/Pledge of Allegiance

II.                Motion to Approve/Amend Agenda

III.             Motion to Approve minutes of June 13 Board meeting and Special Board meeting of July 6

IV.             Conflicts Disclosure: see letter in Board packet

V.                SPED residential placement information

VI.             Motion to approve Bills and Financial Reports

VII.          Public Input

VIII.       Reports and Discussion items:

A.    Superintendent/High School Principal Report

1.      Summer Projects/city street project updates

2.      New Board Member Training

3.      Joint Convention-August 4-5, 2016

4.      New Superintendent Workshop July 18, 2016

5.      Job Opening Update

6.      Summer School Report

B.     Elementary Principal’s Report

C.     Athletic Director Report

D.    Business Manager’s Report

1.      Budget question and answer session

2.      Motion to transfer $166,666.67 from Capital Outlay to Bond Redemption

3.      Motion for 2016-2017 Budget Hearing/Means of Finance and 2nd Reading of the Budget

IX.             Old Business

A.    Fuel Tank progress

B.     Superintendent House progress

C.     Preschool plan

1. Cost-recommend keep at $125/month

2. Repeaters?

D.    Brown suburban update


XI.             Reading of Oath for members Rod Domke (3 year term) and Paul Knox (3 year term)

XII.          Vote for  Board Officers

A.    Business manager opens the floor for nominations and voting for Board President

B.     Board President opens the floor for nominations and voting for Vice-President

XIII.       Approval of District Representatives, Motion to approve the following:

A.    Approve School Attorney (Rodney Freeman)

B.     Designate Official Legal Newspaper (Highmore Herald)

C.     Approve Heartland Bank and Quoin Bank as banks of depository for school funds.

D.    Authorize Superintendent and Business Manager as official purchasing agents for the School District for the 2016-2017 school year.

E.     Authorize Business Manager to be custodian of all financial accounts for the School District for the 2016-2017 school year.

F.      Authorize Title I policy, Title I advisory council and authorize Ev Wheelhouse to be Title I Director and Mr. Cermak for REAP.

G.    Authorize Mr. Grant VanderVorst to be Director of Special Education Program, Ev Wheelhouse to be Title IX Coordinator and Heather Trefz to be Section 504 Coordinator

H.    Approve Indian Policies and Procedures

I.       Designate Hyde County Sherriff as Truancy Officer

J.       Appoint School lunch officer (2015-2016 was Paula H.)

K.    Approve listing of contracted salaries for the 2016-2017

L.     Authorize emergency school bus assistance pact

M.   Set rates for mileage, meals, lodging for authorized employees and School Board travel (current state rate is $0.42/mile): Breakfast $5.00, Lunch $9.00, Dinner $12.00 in state.  Out of state: Breakfast $8.00, Lunch $11.00, Dinner $17.00

N.    Set School Lunch prices for the 2016-2017 school year.  Currently the prices are: K-4, $2.55; 5-12, $2.80.  Need to raise prices by $0.10 to stay compliant with Federal Lunch Program regulations.  Staff price is $3.50, Adults are $4.40.  Recommend that staff and adult prices increase $0.10. Current milk price is $0.25.  Recommend that milk price stay the same.

O.    Set Breakfast prices for the 2016-2017 school year.  Current prices are: K-12, $1.65; Staff, $1.95.  Recommend that breakfast prices increase by $0.10.

P.      Set admission prices for varsity events and activity tickets.  Currently single-event admission is Students, $2.00; Adults $4.00.  Activity tickets Students, $20.00; Adults, $40.00; Senior citizens, $20.00.  Recommend that all activity prices remain the same.

Q.    Set price of Hisodak. Current price is $35.00.  Recommend Hisodak price remains the same.

R.     Set price for Driver’s education.  Current price is $250.00.  Recommend that Driver’s education price remains the same.

S.      Set rate of pay for substitutes.  Current rates: $80 for single day substitute teacher, $100 for long-term substitute teacher (10 plus consecutive days for the same teacher), $9.50/hr for substitute custodian and cook. 

T.      Set D.A.R.E. advisor stipend at $500.

U.    Set time and place for regular School Board meetings.  Currently at 7:00 pm on the second Monday of each month in the high school business classroom.

V.    Discussion about School Board salary

1. Currently $50 plus mileage per meeting (regular and special), can by law bump it to $75 plus mileage.

2. Committee meeting pay?  (Currently receive no pay for committee meetings)

W.   Appoint Board representatives:

1.      Budget committee (currently Bollweg, Buchholz, Stephenson)

2.      Negotiations committee (currently Bollweg, Haiwick, Semmler)

3.      Building/Grounds committee (currently Buchholz, Knox, Stephenson)

4.      Curriculum/NCA committee (currently Rittel, Semmler)

5.      Insurance committee (currently Rittel, Haiwick, Stephenson)

6.      Athletic Co-op committee (all board, Bollweg, Knox)

7.      Crisis Management committee (currently Buchholz, Knox)

8.      Transportation committee (currently Bollweg, Knox)

9.      Wellness Policy committee (currently Rittel)

10.  Policy Committee (currently Stephenson, Semmler)

XIV.       New Business

A.    Motion to Approve contract for Kylee Rinehart, Junior High Girls Basketball

B.     Motion to Approve contract for Susan Roberts, Concession Stand Advisor

C.     Motion to Approve contract for Mindy White, Cheerleader Advisor

D.    Discussion on potential District residential purchase

XV.          Motion to set August meeting for August 8, 2016 at 7:00 pm

XVI.       Motion to Adjourn

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The Highmore-Harrold School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs, activities, or hiring practices.