Friday, January 11, 2019


January 11th, 2019


College visit dates

Mitchell Technical Institute has exploration days:

Wednesday, January 31

Thursday, March 21

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


The Northern State University representative will be here on January 22 at 10:00. Any sophomore, junior, or senior interested may visit with her.



  • FCCLA Chapter Member Meeting Check in will be Wednesday, January 16 during 5B/5c in the FACS room.  You will stop in at any time during 5B/5C, get a treat, have the option to sign up for committees, and check in with Mrs. Kroeplin about your STAR Event/State Meeting plans. 
  • FCCLA Week Committee Meeting will be Thursday, January 17 in the FACS room.  Committee Chairperson is Emily Semmler.  You are on this committee if you signed up at the FCCLA Chapter Member check-in on Wednesday, January 16 OR you can still join by just coming to the meeting.


Ø  State wrestling tickets can be ordered through the school if form is filled out and paid for by Monday, January 28th by 4:00.

Ø  Seniors- If you have your senior pictures done, please bring a vertical wallet size picture to the office as soon as possible. Thank you.

Ø  FCCLA Pirate Pals Mentors will have your January meeting day with your “Pirate Pal” on January 24.  Please check with Mr. VanderVorst if you are unsure of your time.  The February date will be on Valentine’s Day and we will do a large group activity for that one.

Ø  Crushes for your Crush are now on pre-sale and can be bought in the FACS room from Mrs. Kroeplin.  FCCLA Officers will also be selling them.  They are $1.00 to send one and $2.00 for anonymous.  They will be delivered on Valentine’s Day and can be sent to anyone in the school.

Ø  Are you interested in being a FACS, Ag or HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER? Announcing “iTeachU” 2019 which is scheduled for Thursday, February 28th (9 am -3 pm) on the campus of SDSU.  “iTeachU” is an annual event that introduces participants to a career in teaching while simultaneously providing a glimpse into college life. Mrs. Kroeplin would be your chaperone.  Pick up an application from Mrs. Kroeplin in the FACS room.  Applications are due by Feb 4th. You get a free meal and t-shirt.

Ø  FCCLA Members:  Mrs. Kroeplin is looking for a couple helpers to help with the concession stand at the wrestling meeting on Thursday, January 17.  Please speak with Mrs. Kroeplin if you would be willing to help.


DEPARTURES:   Friday, 1/11 – GB to Wolsey at 3:45

 Saturday, 1/12 – WR to Tri Valley at 5:00 from Highmore

   JHWR to Huron at 7:00

   BB to Wolsey at 11:15

                                Monday, 1/14 – GB to Huron at 2:15 if lose and 5:00 if win on Friday

   Tuesday, 1/15 – BB to Huron at 1:15 if lose and 3:30 if win on Saturday

   Thursday, 1/17 – GB & BB to Huron at TBA

   Friday, 1/18 – JVGB/JVBB to Tulare at 2:25, from the school gym

   Saturday, 1/19 – WR to Parkston at 6:15 from Highmore

     BB to Salem at 11:00



Activities:              Friday, 1/11- GB-281 Trny @ Wolsey vs. W. Springs – 6:30

                                Saturday, 1/12- State Snow Queen- Aberdeen

                                                           5-6 BB @ Stanley Co. Trny – TBA

                                                           JHWR @ Huron – 9:30

                                                           WR @ Tri Valley – 10:00

                                                           BB-281 Trny @ Wolsey vs. Hitchcock-Tulare – 1:00

                                 Monday, 1/14- GB 281 Trny @ Huron vs. TBA – 5:00 or 8:00

                                 Tuesday, 1/15- BB 281 Trny @ Huron vs. TBA – 3:30 or 6:30

                                 Wednesday, 1/16- Bd. Mtg – 7:00 pm

                                 Thursday, 1/17- GB 281 Trny @ Huron vs. TBA – 9:00/TBA

                                                             BB 281 Trny @ Huron vs. TBA – 10:30/TBA

                                                             WR Quad (H-Highmore-Gym), w/ SBA, PC & B/G – 6:00

                                 Friday, 1/18- JVGB & JVBB @ Tulare – 4:00

                                 Saturday, 1/19- WR @ Parkston – 10:00

                                                           BB @ Salem vs. McCook/Montrose (from 12/28 &31) – 2:00



Ticket takers- Thursday 1/17- Mary Wortman, Renae Olson (work time- 5:30) (Wrestling) (Gym)

Concession workers- Thursday 1/17- FCCLA

Bingo- Thursday 1/24- Shelby H, Riley A

Sophomore Pop Shot Workers- Thursday 1/24- ??


If you have gum during lunch please be sure to throw it away. Do not leave it on your tray.               





Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me – Carol Burnett


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