Leslie Brown


    I'm Leslie Brown, 5/6 Math, English, and 6th Science and Spelling teacher.  I am beginning my 15th year teaching in Highmore. 
    I grew up near Wasta, SD and graduated from St. Martin's Academy in Rapid City.  I hold degrees from SDSU in Family/Consumer Sciences and Business Education and from BHSU in Elementary Certification.  I have taught previously in Hyannis, Nebraska, and Harrold, South Dakota. 
My husband and I ranch near Harrold and have two grown children and four step grandchildren. 
On this webpage you will find my contact information, a class schedule for 6th grade, course expectations, an incidental classroom supply list, and student letters.
I am looking forward to having your children in my class this year.


  8:20      Music  

  8:45      English 

  9:40      PE (Tu/Th, alt F) Spelling (M, W, alt F)

10:10      Reading

11:00      Band

11:25      Lunch

12:10      Math

12:30      Computer (M, W, alt F) Math Journal (Tu, Th,) 

  1:00      Math

  1:45      Social Studies     (Art Wednesday 2:00-2:30)

  2:30      Science  (Library Tuesday 2:30-3:00)

  3:20      Dismiss


Dear Students,

        I am very excited for the new school year and look forward to having you in my class!  This year will be a bridge to Jr. Hi for you.  I have a lot of fun things planned for us to do this year. 

        I will be your homeroom teacher as well as Math, English, Spelling and Science teacher.  Mrs. Larson will be your Reading and Social Studies teacher.  You will also have PE, Music, Computer, Art, and Library.  You may also choose to be in Band.

        I hope you enjoy your last year of elementary and that it will be a special one.  I am always available for help and you can come to me with any questions you may have.  I’m here to help and I hope we have a great year!

                                                        Mrs. Brown

Course Expectations

Contact Information:  You can contact me at any time through my state e-mail account.  My home phone number is 875-3362 and I can be reached there in the evenings or leave a message at that number.

http://www.planbookedu.com/s/WAUK7  This link to my lesson plans is only accurate for the current week.  Future plans beyond this week are always under construction and subject to great changes.



          I utilize IXL Math, a web based program in math.  We have not abandoned our textbook, however, as the lessons selected are based on the Saxon lesson from the textbook.  Thirty-three percent of their grade comes from these lessons.  Occasionally a student may have IXL homework.  If you do not have a computer or internet, I am available to let them work on it in my room after school.

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